But is it what we have or what we share
that makes these stories truly magical in our lives?

This season of gifting, we would like to invite all of us to go beyond our own pages and help to create new enchanting ones for those who need it more.

Let's not just open our eyes but open our hearts as well to rewrite chapters for others by filling them with joy, hope and, most of all, love.

After all, every 'happily ever after' starts with 'once upon a time'.

So join us in an enthralling adventure for good.

And let's begin to Power The Change.


In collaboration with 3Pumpkins, a socially-engaged non-profit arts organisation and the children from their 'Tak Takut Kids Club' programme, we are proud to present a beautiful e-book titled 'The Little Green Heroes'.

This lovely children's story revolves around René, Ria and Rhys, a group of three good friends with special powers, who always took good care of their Planet Erf.

However, a giant Trash Monster appeared and wrecked havoc on Planet Erf.

How would René, Ria and Rhys rise to the challenge and protect what they love?

Immerse yourself in the story as read aloud by Kelly Latimer.

You can also grab a copy of 'The Little Green Heroes'.

3Pumpkins X Geneco

We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did creating it with the imaginative children Cindy, Ruda, and Sulaiman from 3Pumpkins’ ‘Tak Takut Kids Club’ programme, who have illustrated the wonderful characters.

It is through such meaningful activities that the folks from 3Pumpkins engages the less privileged children and youth from the rental flat estate of Boon Lay Drive while creating a safe haven for them.

With the specialisation in relational work, 3Pumpkins builds trust so that these kids are able to open up, connect with the volunteers and, most importantly, connect with themselves.

This festive season, let’s spread joy by donating to #HappilyEverAfter Fundraising initiative that will help to contribute to their purpose and Power The Change for these children.

Bizlink X Geneco X Strides Mobility
To give more joy to this season of gifting, we have prepared #HappilyEverAfter Festive Cards, which come with Sprout Plantable Pencils, to help us further spread the message for both social and environmental good.

These Festive Cards are proudly put together by Bizlink Centre - a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with disabilities, through training and employment in Singapore.

Strides Mobility, one of the largest EV passenger and commercial fleet operators in Singapore, will be giving out these Festive Cards across the nation via their 300 electric taxi drivers.

Like René, Ria and Rhys, teamwork makes the dream works and we are heartened to have Bizlink Centre and Strides Mobility to be part of our #HappilyEverAfter initiative.